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Piano Chords for Popular Songs

piano chords for popular songsOne of the most thrilling attributes of learning to play the piano is taking advantage of the instrument’s amazing versatility. One can play nearly any song ever written on the piano. The excitement especially manifests itself when a student is able to piece together the chords and lyrics of their favorite songs on the piano.

Instead of learning the songs important to a teacher or judge, when students apply today’s popular songs to their piano practice sessions, they also take joy in what is important to them.

Fortunately, today’s artists construct their popular songs using the same core principles that all other songs are written; therefore, a basic understanding of music theory, inversions, progressions, and keys will go an enormously long way in helping individuals play their favorites.

To gain access to these popular songs, piano students should first commit themselves to mastering the three chords known as the primary chords. The primary chords are C, F, and G, and surprisingly, these three chords constitute an enormous quantity of popular songs.

Plus, they mean only playing on white keys. Take Five for Fighting’s Superman, for example. The Intro, Verses, and Chorus each only have these three chords. The only deviation arrives in the Bridge – the Bridges in songs will frequently feature chords not in the rest of songs.

Once you’ve mastered the three primary piano chords and found several of your favorites songs these chords comprise, your next step to learning the piano chords for popular songs is to familiarize your fingers with the rest of the major and minor scales.

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finding chordsYes, this may seem daunting since this means learning 21 more chords, but don’t sweat it. If you can comfortably play the first three, these others are no different. Approach learning the rest of these chords the same way – use playing popular piano songs as your motivation.

Don’t stop with these chords though; as long as your knowledge of the piano is progressing, take advantage by pushing yourself further. You’ll notice that many chords in songs include strange labels like D2, Asus, or C7. Learning what these mean is your next step to achieving proficiency with any song.

When you’re truly interested in finding the chords to your favorite songs, the internet is truly the pianist’s greatest ally. Fortunately, millions of other people just like you share interest in cooperating to provide access to playing these popular songs.

All you need to do is open a browser, search for your favorite songs’ chords, and literally dozens of websites featuring popular songs’ chords will come up. From there, just print out your favorites, perch yourself at the piano, and have fun. The internet additionally offers dozens of tutorials for nearly every song.

Try searching for tutorial videos to get advice on how to play some of the more difficult pieces, and within seconds you’ll have a friendly face walking you through how to play piano chords for popular songs. Once you gain confidence and familiarity with playing your favorites on piano, you can even courageously try posting your own tutorial video.

The greatest tools a piano student can equip himself with to learning the piano chords for popular songs include mastering familiarity with chords and accessing the internet’s enormous collection of song chords and tutorials. It has been said that the only thing someone needs to make music is “three chords and the truth,” so find your chords, find your truth, and have fun.

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