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piano articlesWe sometimes forget the importance of remaining up to date with local and global news when learning piano. You can read various piano articles to learn new technologies which are affecting the way pianos are produced and represented.

In addition, articles can also improve your skill level by teaching you new methods and techniques. Most important of all, you will be able to remain part of the piano community by welcoming lines of communication.

Being a piano player does not mean you have to sit in your living room playing piano by yourself. Being a piano player can also mean that you are part of a larger community filled with intellectual inspirations. To ensure a connection, you must surround yourself with popular and inspiring piano stories on a regular basis.

One of the most interesting pieces of information you will learn are the amazing new technologies that are being developed. Player pianos are often referred as reproducing pianos. They are modern versions of paper-roll player pianos.

Paper-roll pianos used punched paper that would allow a variety of different songs to play without aid of a pianist. You have most likely seen them in old Hollywood movies as they have grown in admiration in the last decade. Player pianos are the modern version of these paper roll pianos.

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tips and adviceThey are not digital and can be used as a regular piano with strings and hammers. You can insert a CD, floppy disc or use the internal memory in order to play songs without accompaniment. The most exciting aspects of these pianos are the opportunities to listen to live music.

You can insert a specifically designed CD of your favourite pianist and listen to him play in your own living room. You will find fascinating stories when reading piano articles and should always embrace new ideas and innovations. Staying current with new technologies will surely benefit you in future endeavours.

Researching and reading various amounts of articles will allow you to improve your existing skills and learn new ones along the way. By doing quick searches either online or at local libraries you will encounter a large collection of articles aimed at helping you to experience new piano techniques.

If you’ve been struggling with any key elements of piano playing, articles can be vital to surpass mistakes. Many individuals have created blogs and series of articles in order to aid others in their successful journey of piano playing. Accept their helping hand and never be afraid to seek out support. You are most likely to perfect your piano skills if you regularly return to the basics for a brush up.

The most important aspect of reading articles is remaining within communities of piano players. Pianists are few and far apart. It becomes extremely important to reach out to local pianists to remain connected to one another.

Hours are spent practicing alone, therefore reaching out to others will prove exciting. Search your local libraries and community centres for any public driven piano newspaper or magazine. Turning to the internet is always an attractive option if you are not successful.

You will find diverse websites that are dedicated to piano articles which offer newsletters for your convenience. Remember, it’s important to connect with other pianists in order to remain the lines of communication open and explore new avenues.

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Piano Tips And General Piano Articles:

  1. How to Learn to Play Piano Online
    Very often, many people who look for piano instructions and help procrastinate about investing in a piano for their home use. Although a real physical piano would be the best for practicing, an online piano can also be a good temporary alternative.
  2. How to Clean Your Piano Keys
    Any instrument will get dirty after a prolong period of use. If you want your piano to serve you well for a long time, routine maintenance is a must. This article will show you how to clean your piano keys properly.
  3. How to Buy a Piano - Tips And Advice for You
    Buying a piano is a significant investment. If you are looking for tips and advice on where to buy some of the best pianos available in the market, you are at the right place.
  4. 7 Common Mistakes in Learning Piano
    Today's lesson is going to touch on some of the most common mistakes that people make while learning the piano. While mistakes are part and parcel of any learning process, the most important thing here is to take the appropriate corrective measures.
  5. Piano Care And Maintenance
    Good piano care and maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your instrument. Besides that, it would also make your piano more playable and help protect your investment.
  6. Piano Tuning Tips - Learn How to Tune It By Yourself
    Every now and then, pianos will require a tune up to correct and adjust the string tensions found in the body of the instrument. While this is a task best left to the experts, you can do it yourself if you are adventurous and want to save some cash.
  7. Everything You Need to Know About Piano Moving
    This is a complete guide to everything you ever need to know about piano moving. We will show you the right questions to ask, the steps you should take to protect yourself and more...
  8. How To Take Your Piano Playing To The Next Level
    During the course of learning new skills, it is very common that we find ourselves at a plateau at some point of our learning process. How do you get past that wall and bring your piano skills to the next level?
  9. How the Piano Works
    Have you ever wondered how the piano really works? In this article, we take you inside the body of the piano and learn how the instrument functions the way that it is physically.
  10. How to Choose a Good Piano Teacher
    One of the key aspects to success in learning piano is to find a good teacher or mentor who can guide you along the way. Here are some elements and telltale signs of great instructors.
  11. How Much Practice Is Required for Piano Learning
    To progress and improve on your piano playing, practice is always required and essential. However, where do we draw the line between how much is required and how much is too little?
  12. How to Perform Piano for an Audience
    Playing the piano and performing in front of an audience is something that we as musicians all look forward to. Check out these tips and advice for playing live.
  13. Inspiring Piano Lesson
    Inspirational piano lessons will leave a student excited and looking forward to practice for his/her next lesson. These are the kind of classes that will help you enjoy and improve on your skill levels.
  14. Playing Piano vs. Playing Keyboard
    While the electronic keyboard and piano have some similarities, there are also vast differences between these 2 instruments. Find out more as we dissect the comparisons between these 2.
  15. What Benefits Can I Get As a Beginning Adult Student
    It's never too late to start learning. While the majority of students who play the piano start at a young age, there are also many benefits of starting out in a later stage of your life.
  16. What Type of Keyboard or Piano Should I Get
    The choice of keyboard/piano really comes down to your needs and the kind of music that you want to play. In this article, we lay out some of the pros and cons for both instruments.

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