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private lessonsI am sure you might have heard of popular video games such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band whereby people have fun with music while playing video games. As a result of these, music related instructions are enjoying higher sales.

As a piano player for more than 5 years, I had personally used both the traditional and online resources during my piano learning journey. While both are effective in their own ways and provide a good platform for learning, there are some differences between them and I’ll hope to list some of them here so that you know which is more suitable for you.

Years ago, when I visited my local music school for piano classes, I had several instructors during the years I took private lessons. Some instructors were better musicians and some were better teachers. The point I am making here is that even if someone has the best qualifications in music, that doesn’t necessary makes him/her a better teacher than someone with less certifications. Of course, you might outgrow some teachers overtime as you improve and look more style specific genres to master.

The advantage of having a private instructor is that you can get to ask questions and receive answers on the spot. He/she would also be on hand to help you correct any mistakes you might make. Today, the average costs of having a private lesson might cost somewhere around $40-$60 for 30 minutes of instructions. Also, you’ll need to factor in the time to travel for you lesson and the additional costs incurred.

ASA Piano Lessons - Beginner Piano Lessons With Songs

black and whiteBesides being a good alternative, lessons on videos can offer a degree of flexibility that allow you the best time to view and watch at your convenience. I found them to be a massive and growing market on the Internet due to the advantages they present. Lessons are usually recorded as if you were sitting in front of the instructor in a one on one session.

A cool feature is that you can pause the video at any point in time and rewind back to something you need more help on as many times as you need! I don’t know of any piano teacher who has the patience to show you something or repeat his words if you need to view it 10 times.

While the quality of video lessons can be debated from someone filming with a webcam to those that have been professionally recorded and edited, there is really no substitute for seeing and hearing how something is supposed to be played on the piano. For example, the Learn And Master Piano course offers multi-angle cameras and animation that makes learning fun and easy.

With the use of technology, the overall costs of learning online had been greatly reduced due to a larger market of consumers. Most of the established companies in online instructions have money back policies if you are not satisfied with the product. This is definitely something you won’t get in a private teacher. Grab a course, master it, and move on to another course when you are ready. For a full year’s of education, piano lessons on video would hardly be more expensive than what you would have to pay for in a month’s of private classes.

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List of Online Video Piano Lessons:

  1. Learn the Basics of Piano Playing
    Like learning any new skill, beginner players who had just started out on the piano have to pick up several skills and develop techniques. Getting a good foundation in the basics will help cut that steep learning curve.
  2. Diminished Piano Chords
    Learn and master the diminished chords on piano with a concise video tutorial.
  3. Diminished Piano Chords Part 2
    A continuation of the first lesson on diminished piano chords; we learn how to apply the chords to various styles of playing here.
  4. Minor Chords Adjustments Lesson
    In this lesson, you will learn how the minor piano chords work hand in hand with harmony. By creating a chordal system, you will find it easier to hear chord movements and play by ear.
  5. Minor Chords Adjustments Lesson Part 2
    Be sure to view part 1 of the chord adjustment lesson prior to viewing this episode.
  6. Piano Intermediate Lesson Rockin' It
    For intermediate piano players who want to learn rock and roll piano styles, this step by step tutorial will teach you how to play a popular rock song.
  7. Piano Intermediate Lesson Rockin' It 2
    The 2nd part of the video tutoral for Rockin It. This is a continuation of part 2 of the rock piano lesson series.
  8. Learn Piano Improvisation - Define Your Own Styles
    Most piano players want to learn improvisation but always get caught up with thinking that it is too difficult for them. In this video, I hope to de-mystify some of the barriers to success.
  9. How to Play Triplets on the Piano
    Triplets are basically groups of 3 notes that are played into the length of a quarter note. The most important thing here is to play in time to create a consistent rhythm.
  10. Playing Piano Chords With Your Left Hand
    The role of the left hand in piano playing is to create the harmony in which the melody is overlaid by the right hand. In this lesson, we will show you tips to using your left hand.

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