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worship pianoTo desire to play the piano as part of a worship service ministry is a noble pursuit. Perfecting the unique style of performance required in this role requires that one pay particular attention to the way this form of music is distinguished from other modes of piano performance.

Worship piano is different from other styles of piano performance for several reasons. First, playing the piano for worship means that God Himself is the audience and recipient of your skill – talk about a high calling!

Second, and almost equally important, is that worship songs are typically sung together by large congregations. These two dynamics greatly influence the way the instrument is played, and the performer must always bear these distinctions in mind.

Once these distinctions are understood, the act of playing becomes much more successful and meaningful. Although there are many types and styles of music in worship settings, typically there are several specific skills this activity demands.

Piano players in worship bands should be very well acquainted with music theory – meaning chord structures, rhythm patterns, progressions, cadences, and so on. To begin learning worship piano is to learn these aspects of theory and ear training for pianists. In general, worship music is not that different from actual music, but knowing theory counts more than being able to read notes.

One of the most important aspects of successfully playing worship piano is obtaining competency with all major and minor chords, and their inversions. Because of worship music’s unique demands – such as possibly hundreds of people singing along with each song – songs typically features simplified chord structures.

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inversion patternsThe majority of musicality will rely on varying rhythmic and inversion patterns. This simplified chord structure also helps songs to be learned quickly: worship music normally implies that several musicians and singers of varying skill levels play together, and usually learn new music for each church service week by week.

There are a few simple steps one can perform to begin building competency with these piano skills. First, acquire copies of worship music and use these to practice with. Do not try to play this music through note by note – true worship performers do not this. Instead, look at the chords in each measure.

Then, try to play only these chords, moving gracefully between one chord and the next, selecting the inversions that help you transition smoothly between them. Do this very slowly at first, but steadily try to build your comfort and familiarity with each song.

Another helpful tool would be to sing along with the music you’re playing. These songs are created with the intention of people singing to them, and you likely are familiar with the tunes and lyrics already.

As you play, let the lyrics serve as a sort of loose guide, helping your ears and fingers know what is supposed to come next. It is also very helpful to remember that worship songs are very popular, and you can find dozens of videos to learn piano songs online. Listen to the way the piano is used in these songs so that you can imitate what you hear.

Whether practicing alone, with a worship director, or with a worship band, remember that worship piano is nothing less than authentic worship no matter how you choose to play. No matter if you’re an experienced veteran or just learning, enjoy the art of worship first, and then the skill will naturally follow.

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Worship Piano Lessons Listing:

  1. Hymn Arrangements for Worship Piano
    Having a good understanding of the hymn arrangements for worship piano can allow you to play and perform with ease. More importantly, it also enables you to improvise with impromptu should the need arises.
  2. Commonly Used Piano Worship Chords
    Because of the nature of worship piano music, you will find that most songs will have similar commonly used piano chords that can be easily learnt and applied.
  3. How to Play Popular Christian Worship Songs on Piano
    Besides some crucial skills that a Christian worship pianist might require to learn and get under his belt, taking the time to learn to play popular Christian worship songs can help you lead a congregation and also enjoy music in your leisure time.
  4. Church Piano Lessons - Learn to Play Piano in the Church Band
    Have you always wanted to play piano for the church band? The best person to speak to most of the time with regards to church piano lessons would be your worship leader.
  5. Basic Worship Piano Turnarounds
    What are turnarounds? Basically they are a set of chord progressions that flow through a song. By mastering some of the basic worship piano turnarounds, you are setting a good foundation for playing worship piano.
  6. Proper Hand Positions on Piano
    Playing the piano requires a fair bit of hand movements. While different techniques and chords might require slightly different approaches to hand positioning on a piano, proper posture and form will enable you to pull it off every time.
  7. How to Learn Christian Worship Songs on Piano
    Generally speaking, Christian worship songs are written by musicians in a simplistic manner so that they can be easily sung by the congregation.

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