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teach yourself pianoPianoPlayerWorld.com is a website that is committed to free piano instruction meant for aspiring musicians and enthusiasts of all levels.

Just a couple of years back, someone who's trying to learn the piano online might find it very difficult to get quality lessons due to the nature of Internet based lessons. The truth is, there weren't a lot of websites offering beginner piano lessons that would cover the different aspects of piano playing.

The web-based piano learning experience was made even harder due to the amount of disorganized piano lessons scattered across different locations. You would basically have to surf through various sites looking for linking lessons or tutorials to take your skills to a higher level. As if learning to play the piano isn't a challenge by itself, searching for lessons was way harder.

The inspired us to create and launch Piano Player World; where visitors could get everything at a single site - With Free Access to Quality & Structured Tutorials. By working with our partners and integrating with other online websites, you can now access video piano lessons and other learning materials to complement our lessons.

Categorized Piano Lessons

Learn How to Play the Piano

Beginner Lessons
New? Check out our special section to get you started...

fingers on the keyboardPiano Techniques
Learn skills that you can use to enhance your music...

small girlPiano Chords
Chords make up the critical aspect of harmony in music...

hearing notesEar Training
Having a good ear improves your overall playing...

music theoryPiano Scales
The fundamentals of music theory is crucial for pianists...
song writingSongwriting Tips
Want to create your own composition and music? We can help...
piano instructions on laptopVideo Lessons
Learning made easy when you see how it is played...

styles of musicGenres/Styles
Become a verstaile player by learning the different genres...

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Learn How to Play Piano

teach yourself piano

At PianoPlayerWorld.com, we aim to cover all the crucial techniques and also teach you a wide array of musical principles that will develop your overall musicianship skills as a pianist.

What you will also find distinctively different at PianoPlayerWorld.com is that we regularly provide additional materials such as illustrations, piano scores, and mp3 files to aid your understanding of various concepts. This was introduced in our beginner's section where we had recently updated the tutorials there.

Besides offering lessons, we also perform comprehensive evaluations and reviews for piano related products such as courses, softwares and equipment. Hopefully, this will help you make educated judgments on services and products before making the decision to purchase them.

Don't forget to sign up for our e-newsletter to stay informed on the latest updates on our website. From time to time, we also work out GREAT offers/discounts on musical gear directly with the vendors. In turn, this means getting these products at special prices that are not available anywhere else. You won't want to lose out on these promotions!

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Tips to Learn Piano Online

piano lessonsMany people have the desire to learn the piano but they don’t know how to start. On the other hand, there are also folks who attended music classes previously but did not get to complete them.

Reasons could range from losing interest to having no success with the time and effort put in. Whatever it is, know that a small shove in the correct direction can do wonders to your piano learning.

If you are looking for lessons on specific topics, simply head over to the appropriate sections to located them. You can do us a big favor by assisting us to spread word of PianoPlayerWorld.com by informing your pals or any individual who's thinking about playing piano or want to learn piano.

Should you detect errors or would like to request a new lesson, do drop us an email inform us. We are continuously trying to enhance the quality of our tutorials and reach out to more people out there.

And a last piece of advice, having an optimistic mindset and selecting the right approach to learn piano will cut down your learning curve significantly. Take things a step at a time. If something is too tough or difficult, break it up into chunks or take a break and come back to it later.

If playing the piano is your passion, give some proper attention to it and you'll be on your way to become the piano player you always dream off.

learn and master piano

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