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pop pianoYou’ve learned the basics of piano playing and are now ready to learn modern pop piano music. Pop is a simple and fun piano genre to master, making it ideal for any beginner. The construction and theories are simple and helpful in creating other genres of music. Modern pop music encourages the use of upbeat and energetic tunes creating a positive vibe.

While this is a perfect genre for beginners, it does require a certain amount of skill.

Prior to learning pop music, it is important to feel familiar with piano chords. You must have a firm understanding of all chords and how to play them on the piano. Knowledge concerning chord theory and their uses in piano playing will prove crucial in your ability to play modern pop music.

You will find a multitude of different explanations and lessons concerning chords after doing a little bit of research through your piano notes or online. If you are not well acquainted with piano chords you must do some research prior to continuing.

Initiate by playing the piano in a manner which is most reassuring to you once you are ready to begin learning modern pop piano. If you are most comfortable playing with only one hand, this may prove to be a problem.

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what the different hands are used forPlaying with both hands allow you to create a balance between rhythm and harmony. Your right hand is in charge of playing notes, while your left hand plays broken chords. If this style of playing is not ideal, you will have to play with only one hand. When memorizing a song with only one hand, a problem may arise when you decide to add your left hand.

You mind has created pathways when learning to play with only your right hand and will have to create subsequent pathways when adding the left. Pop music heavily relies on combining rhythm with harmony, making playing the piano with both hands very beneficial.

It is time to understand a technique called arpeggios (also known as broken piano chords technique) once you are comfortable playing with both your right and left hand. Arpeggios are a subgroup of broken chords. These broken chords are played differently than normal chords because they are not played at the same time

Rather than playing the notes of a chord at the same time, you separate them to create an arpeggio effect. Once again, searching online for any instructional videos concerning arpeggios may be necessary if you do not understand the concept of arpeggios.

Sight reading and ear training will be essential in order to successfully play pop music. Sight reading will teach you how to read rhythmic durations and chord symbols, allowing you to discover new songs by simply reading their sheet music. Ear training will allow you to repeat a portion or a whole song by simply listening to someone else play.

Some pianists believes that acquiring only one of these skills is enough to play the piano, but mastering both skills will make learning any new song an easy task. Surround yourself with popular pop music and you will be playing your own tunes in no time.

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Pop Piano Lessons Listing:

  1. How to Sing And Play Piano at the Same Time
    For starters, the action of singing and playing at the same time might not be an easy feat. However, it isn't as hard as it seems. With some practice and determination, you can do it too.
  2. Major Chords in Modern Pop Piano
    Very often, the major chords that are found in modern pop piano songs repeat themselves over and over again. With a good grasp of knowledge in theory and practical skills, half the battle is already won.
  3. Modern Pop Piano Chord Progressions
    Chord progressions are a sequence of chords that are played one after another. With the underlying harmony, the melody is usually played over it. Check out some of the more commonly found progressions in pop piano here.
  4. Playing Chromatic Voicings to Lead into Choruses on Piano
    When you are playing in a band, there will be times where you will be required to lead the change or transition of a song into a different phrase. To do this smoothly, the use of chromatic voicings can help you transit easily into the chorus.
  5. Techniques Used in Pop Piano Playing
    While pop music isn't as technically challenging to play as compared to jazz or classical music, learning some of the techniques used in pop piano playing can help you perform with ease.
  6. How to Improve Your Piano Playing Speed
    While speed and rhythm is sometimes essential depending on the kind of music being played, a good timing and consistency is the key to sounding tight. Improving your playing speed is best practiced with a metronome.
  7. Playing Left Hand Bass Lines on Piano
    Besides creating the melody lines in a song, piano players are usually required to play the bass lines and harmonies of a song with their left hands.
  8. Ways to Become a Better Pop or Jazz Pianist
    So, you love pop and jazz music and would like to excel in them. What are the ways to become a better jazz/pop pianist? We try to answer them in this article.