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Easy Piano Songs for Beginners

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easy songsWhile there are some prodigies and born musical geniuses, for the rest of us, learning piano is a long and arduous process. Not only do we have to worry about chords and dexterity and sheet music, we also have to worry about learning songs and patterns.

In this article we will discuss some easy piano songs for beginners that will allow you to start off piano on the right foot.

Before we get started, you should understand a few things. The first is that all songs are best learned with a metronome. Starting off too fast is one of the worst things that you can do as a musician.

Not only does it push you too far too quickly, but it doesn’t allow muscle memory to set in. The second is that we will be recommending both songs for people who can read music, and people who can’t read music. You should know which category you fall under.

The first song on our list isn’t a classical piece. While classical pieces are a great place to start and are great building blocks for a musical foundation, they aren’t the only easy songs to learn on piano.

The first easy song to learn is Imagine by John Lennon. This is a beautiful song with great phrasing and easy chord shapes. It flows in a relaxed manner, and allows you to really become one with the piece.

Not only does it have a great lesson within the words, but it also has a great lesson in song writing. Lennon was a master song writer. If you ever want to start song writing, a great tip would be to study some of his work. It is simple and effective every single time.

The second song on our list of easy song to learn is Hey Jude by The Beatles. Yet another example of simple writing and how effective it can be, the phrasing in Hey Jude is nearly perfect. The chord shapes are easy and the subtle changes can help you learn to create various shapes within the same position. The song is a bit long, but it follows the same melodies throughout most of its entirety.

Our next easy piano song is a classical piece. This song is for those of you who already have the ability to read music, as it makes it easier to remember the piece. This is the Fur Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Fur Elise is one of Beethoven’s most popular pieces, and also one of his most simple pieces. This piece will teach you a lot about chord shapes, notes, and how to break apart chords to create melodies.

The last of our easy piano songs to play is the Lohengrin by Richard Wagner. You may recognize this song if you have ever been to a wedding. This piece changes quite a bit throughout, so it is best that you approach it if you are familiar with reading sheet music. This piece will help you to develop steadier hands as it involves moving chord shapes.

Now that you know some easy songs to learn on piano, the rest is up to you. Take your time to practice and learn the songs best suited to your skillset. Have fun!

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