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Harmonize Any Tune Review

review of harmonize any tuneBeing the little guy isn’t easy. In the world of music products, self-help and not so self-help and everything in-between, it’s hard to get your foot in the door. That’s because the bigger guys always have more money, more time and more people doing things for them, whereas usually, being the little guy, you’re all by yourself.

However, that doesn’t mean all little guy products are bad. In fact, there are tons of great, lesser known musical programs that give you everything you would need and more, simply because the little guy, that guy who’s just like you, is just like you; he knows how things need to be taught in order to be understood.

In this review, we’ll discuss one of the lesser known musical programs and help you to decide whether or not being a little guy means you have more, or less, to offer than the bigger programs on the market. This is the review of Harmonize Any Tune.

So what is HarmonizeAnyTune.com?

It is a program for piano players to learn how to harmonize, which bases all of its teaching off of ear training. This is great, because a trained ear is essential to any serious musician.

Without a good ear, you will find yourself having a lot of trouble picking out the properties of chords, scales and other musical structures. However, this isn’t an ear training program per say; it is a harmonization training program. This dumbs down the merits quite a bit, as harmonization is one of the least complex ear training exercises.

It is also very uncommon to find a program that focuses solely on harmonization, as harmonization is a very simple concept taught to most beginner musical theory students. However, if you don’t have a theory based background, this program may very well help you out.

The price is a bit of a drawback, mostly because harmonization is something that you can learn for free from many online sources because it is so simple and such a graspable concept. This programs goes over some basic chord harmonization, as well as remedial shapes that will give you enough to work with for maybe two or three weeks, depending on how busy your schedule is, but not much more after that.

The nice thing about harmonizeanytune.com is that it doesn’t rely in the shady business practices and false promises that many independent musical programs do; it gives you the facts, and while it tries to make them sound much more than they are, there are no lies or outrageous claims that would lead you to believe that this program is the end all be all of piano courses.

In the end, harmonizeanytune.com is a decent program. It may not be complex—and the price is a bit steep seeing as there isn’t much to the content, no matter how much it is stretched—but it is true and it gets the job done. If harmonization is something that interests you, then this very well may be the course for you.

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