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review and feedbackIf you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in learning piano, right? Majority of beginning piano students just want to get down playing their favorite tunes as fast as they can, so that they can astound friends and family or play solely for their own delight.

One great way to save money on costly private instructors is by using piano lesson DVDs and software programs, especially if you’re looking to play your favorite tunes in the shortest possible time.

The only problem is that the sheer amount of ‘piano lessons’ programs out there makes it hard for a novice to tell which one is useful and which one is not worth a second look. Unfortunately, many of them are a complete waste of time.

You don’t really have to waste your hard-earned money on useless programs.

The following is a compilation of reviews of the 3 most useful Piano Lessons and Softwares. Learn and Master Piano leads the pack for its thoroughness and professionally presented content. In a close second is Rocket Piano which will particularly suit those with limited budgets but want to take piano lessons on their computer. Piano is Fun takes third spot.

Learn and Master Piano

Inside the package, you’ll get 14 DVDs, 5 CDs and an in-depth 104-page lesson book.

Price-wise, this program is on the high end but it is total quality for those seriously interested in learning piano. It is arguably the most comprehensive piano course out there.

It has some of the best presentation among the serious ‘learn piano’ courses out there, from the packaging to the materials and instructors. There are 28 in-depth sessions delivered by Will Barrow, the renowned Grammy-Award winning composer. You’ll also get over 120 audio songs to plat along with, all contained on the 5 audio CDs.

learn and master piano review

Learn And Master Piano

Learn And Master Piano is an award winning piano course with 19 DVDs plus a detailed 100 pg handbook designed to let you master the piano with step by step lessons.

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Rocket Piano

The complete package comes with 126 audio files, 13 video files, 3 e-books, 5 games and bonus e-books.

There are volumes of valuable material in this program and it is also very affordable. The entire course can be delivered 100 percent to your computer as downloadable e-books and e-courses. This program employs various practice methods which you’ll find useful and keep you motivated throughout to quickly advance your piano skills.

The Rocket Piano software program is a well thought-out and comprehensive piece of software. Students get to learn at their own pace using the audio and video files as they provide a learning environment that is enthused.

This is certainly great value for money and one of the cheapest software programs for learning piano. You receive free lifetime updates, great bonuses, and a 60-day money back guarantee.

rocket piano review

Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano is very often referred to as the best online piano course that is available in the market today. This comprehensive course covers the essentials of beginner piano playing.

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Piano is Fun

The package comprises a software program consisting of step-by-step lessons, games for practice and a progress tracker.

This program is pretty simple and is designed to teach piano in one of the simplest ways and in as few steps as possible.

It is aimed at kids and it enables up to 50 students to monitor their progress in the course. Compared to other software alternatives, this program’s feature set is fairly limited but the material contained is definitely solid.

It is very affordable and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. It is perfect for children. Serious piano learners will find it unappealing due to its limited features.

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Other Piano Lesson Courses

piano for all review box

Piano For All

Piano For All is a monstrous course that consists of more than 10 ebooks, 500 audios and 200 videos to help you learn to play piano. But is it worth it's salt?

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Ear Training Courses

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