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Piano Wizard Review

piano wizard reviewPiano Wizard is a teaching tool designed to introduce children to learning to play the piano. The keyboard that comes with this system has a colored keyboard. Initially, children learn to play songs through associating each note with a color rather than a position in music notation.

Over time, the system phases out colors in favor of music notation. The system is not intended to be a full piano training course, though some of the advertising material does give the impression that is what is intended.

The goal of the course is to familiarize children with the piano keyboard and provide a basic understanding of reading sheet music.

Initially, Piano Wizard presents itself more like a game than a teaching tool. Considering it is predominately targeted at children, this makes it much more appealing than systems than some other computer teaching tools.

The closest comparison is to the “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” series of games, where you press colored notes to correspond to the displayed timing. The main difference is that the displayed notes actually do correspond to the correct notes on a piano keyboard. The game aspect does work fairly well and can even be fun in its own right.

In terms of function, Piano Wizard does exactly what it is designed to do. It introduces children to playing the piano through a game. In addition, the user eventually does get taught music notation at a fairly slow pace.

3 Easy Steps for Piano Learning in the Piano Wizard Software

review of piano wizard

Playing the game; Play the right note at the right time.

piano wizard reviewed

Changing the orientation of the keyword to familiarize the child.

piano wizard step 3

Background is now changed to music notation to help the student read music

However, it does not teach anything beyond that, so anyone using this system would not actually know how to play anything beyond very simple songs. The songs in the game also are not very demanding, so it does not do much for developing technical abilities.

The main question is whether or not Piano Wizard is actually useful as a teaching tool. Music notation seems arcane to people that do not know how to read it, but it makes a lot of sense when you understand it.

Learning music notation is not actually all that difficult. In addition, the main reason this program makes learning music notation so easy is the pace as opposed to the method. If you taught standard music notation in the same amount of time it takes to complete this program, it would be just as easy.

However, Piano Wizard is best as a motivation tool rather than a lesson tool. The game setup allows children to very quickly and easily start being able to play songs on a piano keyboard. That ability is a very tactile way of showing a child what they can potentially do on a piano. Telling a child they can eventually play songs with practice pales in comparison as a method of motivation to what Piano Wizard does.

However, this might not necessarily be a benefit with every child. In some cases, the fact the child cannot immediately play piano after using this program has the potential to be frustrating.

Some children are not going to want to put the effort into learning to play piano if they can more easily play songs by playing Piano Wizard. For the most part, the program does what it is meant to do. However, it is not a substitute for actual piano instruction.

We hope this answers all your questions on Piano Wizard after reading our honest opinion on the software.

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