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Piano Genres And Musical Styles

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styles of musicYou will undoubtedly find a variety of different piano genres when researching for new piano music. In order to consider yourself a master of the piano, you must possess the ability to play diverse styles.

These various encounters will allow you to acquire a variety of skills in order for you to freely play piano and create hybrids of different genres.

Leaning new styles of music can be thrilling and a change from your usual piano playing. It is a great way to spark interest in your piano if you find yourself in a rut.

Rhythm and Blues

This genre of piano music is played with a combination of blues, jazz and gospel. The emphasis is placed on rhythm, highlighted by its name. They carry a strong sense of syncopation, involving the placement of stressed beats on a normally unstressed beats. Playing rhythm and blues piano music will allow you to master pace and rhythm.


Improvisation is necessary in order to successfully play jazz piano music. This is a great style of music to study to sharpen a variety of different skills. Other genres have depended on chords and improvisation techniques mastered in jazz piano music, demonstrating jazz’s effect on piano music. The different formations of notes are another heavily borrowed aspect from jazz.


Similarities in gospel piano music can be found when it is compared to jazz, blues or R&B. These genres are known for placing certain emphasis on extended chords. For example, the 11th chord is often extended to create a swinging feel, most often found in jazz and R&B.

Changes to chord, such as the 11th, allow unique sounds and emotions to be produced while playing. Gospel music may seem simple, but they are intricate pieces of music. They stress the importance of syncopation such as jazz, and create a spiritual and light feel. Most important, they are the key ingredient to any Sunday service.

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classical musicThe most varied style of piano music is classical music. It is considered one of the oldest styles and is given credit for the foundation of musical education. There are many skills and techniques required in order to successfully play classical music: understanding piano theory, patience and diverse set of skills.

These acquired abilities are often transferred to other genres, aiding in both the compositions and executions of certain piano pieces. You will quickly discover that classical music is not for beginners.

However, throughout the years, pieces of classical piano music have been created in order to suit beginners. If you do not initially succeed, it is always recommended to revisit classical music once you are more acquainted with piano techniques.

Country and Western

The roots of country and western music are planted in blues. These styles stem from early folk songs, written by members of lower society. Key aspects of country and western songs include using simple chord progressions covered by the melody.

As demonstrated, there are several different piano genres. Simply choose one that sparks your mood and begin the adventure of discovering a new piece piano music history. Trying new genres is always an exciting decision when playing the piano.

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