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Sing And Play Piano at the Same Time

sing and playSinging and playing the piano will not be as difficult as you’ve imagined. The most important skill when learning to sing and play piano at the same time is patience and practice.

Practice is often stressed when learning new piano skills as it trains your brain to create connections in order to facilitate piano playing. When you don’t succeed right away, do not be discouraged.

Learning to both sing and play the piano is a major accomplishment which cannot be accomplished on the first try.

There are two popular techniques in order to add singing to piano playing. It is important to understand key theories and skills prior adding your voice. Once you feel comfortable and ready, there are two common ways to teach yourself how to sing and play piano at the same time. Read through the procedures and find out which practice is best suited for you.

The first technique requires you to play a piece of music flawlessly. You must be able to play the entire song without any help from sheet music. Once you have memorized the song make sure you are playing the song perfectly on beat.

With the lyrics and notes in front of you, begin playing and singing very slowly by placing emphasis on each note. This will allow your brain to create connections between your voice and notes that are played. Once you feel comfortable, begin to increase your speed. The more gradual the increase, the more you can focus on proper technique.

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note memorizationYou will quickly notice that increasing your speed will make note memorization harder and singing easier. Simply practice over and over again until you are successfully combining both singing and piano playing.

The second method is used when you are not yet comfortable with the piece of music. This technique is ideal if you have not yet begun to learn the song on the piano. Once again, have the sheet of piano music with lyrics in front of you and begin by singing each word as you play the note on the piano.

This will seem tedious and slow; however with steady increases in speed, you will begin to play flawlessly. It is important to take your time while learning, unlike the first method, your brain must memorize larger amounts of information.

There is a downside to learning both skills at the same time; you will find yourself required to play the song without lyrical help as you may not remember the notes as easily. This is caused from the pattern created when learning the song. It is therefore highly recommended to begin by memorizing the music, followed by the accompaniment of lyrics.

In order to successfully play piano and sing at the same time, you will have to craft a clear image within your mind. Create a balance between playing and singing by slowing down and taking your time. Do not allow yourself to continuously make mistakes, correcting them immediately will allow you to quickly learn appropriate techniques.

Another great piece of advice is to begin with the talent you are most comfortable using. If you are a better singer, begin by singing the song followed by playing it on the piano, or vice versa.

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