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How to Learn to Play Piano Online

learn to play pianoYou can invest money online. You can find your long lost best friend from high school online. You can find out how to wrestle an alligator online. You can walk the Great Wall of China online. You can even see a satellite image of your own house online.

So why does it surprise you that you can also learn to play the piano online?

If you can’t afford a piano, if you can’t fit a piano in your home, if a piano is too noisy, if a piano is too time consuming to learn, or if you have any other excuses not to own a piano, then you have no more excuses.

If you’re reading this article online right now, then playing the piano online is just as easy to do.

Real pianos are expensive and bulky. Trying to purchase a piano will cost thousands of dollars; or even if you buy a cheap, used piano from your neighbor’s grandma’s cousin, you’re still looking at hundreds of dollars of expense in the purchase.

Plus, moving a piano will cost either lots of money or lots of back pain. While real pianos are definitely worthwhile investments, sometimes the investments need to happen at a more convenient time.

Others might have money, but space is an issue. Grand and baby grand pianos can hog up almost entire rooms, but even a modest upright piano demands its own wall. If you have a small home, or if you’re already cramped with furniture and other necessities, pianos just aren’t going to comfortably fit.

Additionally, have you ever lived in an apartment or townhome that shares walls with neighbors? If you do, then you’ll be sharing music with them as well, which is guaranteed to cause make more enemies than friends, no matter how beautifully you play.

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drawbacks of pianoThere must be some solution to the tragic drawbacks of the piano! Fortunately, today’s modern era has produced a reasonable alternative. All one needs to do is go online, search for such things as “play piano online,” and suddenly a host of websites featuring a digital piano will appear.

Any one of these sites will offer the same thing – an electronic version of the piano that you can click on the keys with the mouse and produce piano-like sounds. The advantages are obvious – no cost, no bulk, available anytime, anywhere. However, these online manifestations are not real pianos and produce several drawbacks.

First, pianos are meant to be played with fingers, not with a computer mouse. While an individual has ten fingers, he has only one mouse, and therefore can only produce sound from one note at a time.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter how dexterous a computer user claims his wrist is, there is only so fast he can move to hit different keys, and it is likely that many of those clicks won’t be accurate. An online piano is to a real piano what an impersonator is to a real celebrity: it is entertaining for a short period of time, but just can’t replace the real thing.

Playing an online piano serves a user best if they are looking to pick out a tune or hear a specific tone, but don’t have the convenient access to real piano that can do this for them. If a person has a touch screen, such as on a tablet, Iphone, or Ipad, it is possible to use an online piano a little bit more closely to how it should be. But if you’re looking to play a piano, there’s no replacing the real thing: size, expense, and all.

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