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List of Modern Rock Piano Songs For Inspiration

good rock songs to learn on pianoEvery year, dozens of talented artists come out with hundreds of rock songs. Many enthusiastic rock bands and solo instrumentalists listen to the inspiring lyrics and epic melodies and imitate what they hear.

There’s something about music that helps individual define their feelings and give form to their experiences.

Music helps people transcend the ordinary rigor of life and express a higher form of existence, even if just for a few moments.

Now that your fingers have grown accustomed to the basic chord structures, now that your eyes can recognize the notes that belong or don’t belong in a given key, and now that your ears can hear musical patterns and recognize what they’re made of, it’s time to find inspiration from the greats.

Here is a list of modern rock piano songs for inspiration.

Some rock songs are written specifically for the piano, while others are written for guitar. Some of the best recent rock music written that includes piano are the following:

“How to Save a Life”, The Fray
“Someone Like You”, Adele
“Superman”, Five for Fighting
“Almost Lover”, A Fine Frenzy
“Hand me Down”, Matchbox 20
“Existentialism on Prom Night”, Straylight Run
“100 Years”, Five for Fighting
“Great Balls of Fire”, Jerry Lee Lewis
“Remedy”, the Black Crowes
“Piano Man”, Billy Joel
“Tutti Frutti”, Little Richie

Other bands that include piano in portions of their tracks include Placebo, Radiohead, The Fray, Chemical Romance, Muse, and Coldplay. Obviously, these represent a broad range of types of rock, and finding the right inspiring song depends on what is inspiring to you.

One of the enormous advantages of the piano is that it is the only instrument that can play just about any song written for other instruments. This advantage spills into rock music as well – almost any song written for rock can be played on the piano. 

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Here is a list of popular modern rock songs that can be played on the piano with relative ease. With just some basic knowledge of chords, you can easily begin playing any of these!

“Hallelujah”, Jeff Buckley
“The Scientist”, Coldplay
“Ironman”, Black Sabbath
“Wonderwall”, Oasis
“I’m Trying to Break Your Heart”, Wilco
“Bittersweet Symphony”, The Verve
“Do You Feel Loved”, U2
“She Talks to Angels”, The Black Crowes
“November Rain”, Gun N Roses
“I’m Yours”, Jason Mraz
“Unforgiven”, Metallica
“Simple Kind of Man”, Lynyrd Skynyrd
“When a Man Loves a Woman”, Percy Sledge
“Louie Louie”, The Kingsmen
“Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Nirvana
“Sunshine of Your Love”, Cream
“Hey Jude”, The Beatles
“You Shook Me All Night Long”, AC/DC
“The Joker”, Steve Miller Band
“Stand by Me”, Ben E. King
“American Woman”, Lennie Kravitz
“Paint it Black”, Rolling Stones

Of course, the list of modern rock songs for piano or a band could go on and on. Whether you are finding songs written for piano, or just listening to great music to imitate on the piano, the world of music is limitless.

Try listening to each of the songs listed above, especially the ones you haven’t heard before or the ones you don’t think you’ll like. As a musician finding inspiration, it’s important to listen to the whole realm of music and see what truly inspires you and what gives you creative ideas to make the music you play that much more engaging.




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