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Staccato Techniques in Rock Piano

staccato in pianoIf you want to give life to your song, you could use staccato piano techniques in rock piano playing. This technique will give pianists more control over the shape and style of playing the piano, especially in rock music.

When you play the keys on piano normally, the sound you produce can’t be changed. But when you add staccato techniques to playing the keys, you’ll be able to hear a more soothing sound.

Before playing this technique, it is ideal to warm up. Loosening the muscles and ligaments of your wrist, hand, and fingers before playing the piano will prevent you from fatigue. In addition, warm ups can also prepare your hands from doing staccato on the piano, so you will never find difficultly in playing this technique.

There are a lot of warm up exercises for staccato techniques in rock piano playing. Know some of them and you’ll be able to play the piano well. The best warm up to do is scaling and other simple patterns. But be sure to use the pedal. Also, pay attention to the way you connect the strings of notes together.

At first, you may want to play short notes using the staccato techniques when you learn rock piano. Be sure that your wrist, hand, and fingers, play the right keys. Then, snap your fingers off the keys as soon as you press them down.  String the notes together with the right flow. You should also hold each key down until you’ve pressed the other one down. If possible, overlap the notes as you play them.

After doing this, you can now test your ability to switch notes. You can do this by listening to rock songs on piano, as they include passages with this kind of changes. Being able to move from one chord to another is a skill that every pianist should have in rock piano playing.

It is best to use both of your hands when playing staccato techniques in rock piano playing. Play the notes using your left and right hand. Once you have gotten acquainted with this, switching from one chord to another will be much easier.

At first, you could play this technique at a slow pace. But as you progress, speed up. The more you increase your speed, the better you will be in playing rock songs. And like what we have said earlier, practice is necessary for playing this technique.

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