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church lessons for pianistsThe first and most obvious person to talk to about taking church piano lessons would be your worship leader.

Many worship leaders at least know the basics of piano playing, if they’re not already experts at it. Church worship leaders have the knowledge and experience that enables them to clearly communicate what it really takes to become a proficient worship pianist.

Even if they cannot personally teach you, they have a pulse on the musical heartbeat of the church and can likely point you in the direction of someone who can help you.

All you need to ask – in person, not in email – is something as simple as: “I’m interested in learning how to play worship songs on the piano. Would you be willing to teach me?” Some worship leaders might even offer to teach you for free – which would be nice.

But it makes sense; after all, what do they really have to do all week long? Don’t feel shy about asking, either. Many worship leaders are frequently looking for additional musicians. You can also try asking other pianists in the church the same thing.

But if your worship leader cannot help you find church piano lessons, don’t give up yet. In fact, even though you might specifically seek to learn how to play worship songs, you need to recognize that the music of worship songs is really founded in the fundamental theory of music.

If you can reach a level of competence with basic scales, chords, and progressions, then you are ready to play worship music and much, much more. These skills can be obtained from any music teacher – not just one found at your church.

Search your local business directories, ask around, and even use Facebook as tools to help you identify potential teachers in your neighborhood. Learning the fundamentals of piano music are, hopefully, standard components of every teacher’s lessons.

If you are already familiar with the basics of piano playing – or even if you’re not but are willing to learn – then thousands of church piano lessons exist online on Youtube, personal webpages, and companies website.

Using the internet you can watch videos, receive tutorials, view music sheets and explanations, and even sign up for free books to be sent to your home. If no person is available to teach you the elements of playing piano for church, take matters into your own hands and surf the web.

With enough diligence and practice, you can tame the piano keys and easily finding yourself look at your church’s pews from on stage thinking, “I’m glad I can now play like that!"


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