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How Do I Motivate Myself to Practice Piano

motivational carrotDuring the first few weeks of piano practice, you may experience problems finding ways to motivate yourself. This is a common issue for any pianist, but with a few tricks in motivation, you will be able to seat yourself in front of the piano every day without animosity.

To properly learn piano it takes time, hard work and a lot of practice. It is important to find the right techniques in order to remain motivated.

There are several ways to encourage practice, all of which can prove to be very successful. Students can create reward systems and generate practice tips to maintain a consistent schedule.

The first step in remaining motivated will be to create a reward system. If you are attempting to encourage a child to practice, it will help to make a chart with stickers or points for them to keep track of their successes.

Children are very visual, by creating a graph demonstrating their progress, they will be most likely to remain inspired. You can also create small monetary rewards for each week. If you are an older individual, you can create a reward system aimed for your needs.

Want that cute black dress? Not until you practice for 14 days straight. Want that new sports jersey? Not until you master the 12 bars blues progression. Reward systems are an easy way to remain motivated.

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successIf you are attempting to master a few problematic skills, but are having difficulties focusing on practice, perhaps setting up a themed recital in your home will benefit you. Invite all of your friends and family to gather together on the weekend to listen and enjoy your newly acquired skills.

Your desire to not embarrass yourself will force you to practice every day. The added pressure will be very useful when attempting to focus your time throughout the week. If you are petrified of playing in front of others, this technique might not be suitable for you. However, I do recommend facing your fears in front of friends and family.

Proper practice methods are also vital when attempting to remain motivated. There should be three sections in your practice routine: warm-up, learning, and polishing. For the first few minutes of practice, you will want to relax your finders by playing simple progressions and practicing chords.

Once your fingers are loosened, you can begin comprehending the lesson at hand. Read through all the steps and advice carefully, do not miss any steps or skip ahead. Once you have understood the lesson, improving your new skill will be necessary. Practice the concept or song over and over again until you understand its construction.

There are many ways to maintain motivated while practicing. It’s important to try different techniques until you find the right one for you. Ask other piano students their best methods in maintaining a daily practice routine, you will sometimes be surprised by their answers.

You can also talk to teachers for additional information or resources. Do not fear to reach out for help, the piano community are welcoming to any new individual. Never give up as piano acquisition requires a lot of practice.

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