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Learn 12 Bars Blues Piano Rhythm

12 bar bluesThe 12 bar blues piano rhythm is commonly used in blues and rock music that last for 12 bars. The rhythm for 12 bar blues is measured in 4 beats. All in all, they have a total of 48 beats since each bar have 4 beats.

To learn this kind of progression, you have to be familiar with all the piano chords, including major and minor. When you know these chords, you’ll be able to create the perfect rhythm for your 12 bar blues progressions.

If you are not familiar with the chords, you will surely find it hard to play 12 bar blues so you have to practice a lot.

12 bar blues piano rhythm can be learned by anyone. However, it takes a lot of practice and hard work to master this. Usually, the 12 bar blues has 3 lines of 4 bars each. In the key of G, the structure would be like this:



D C G –

The structure demonstrates a pattern; the G chord is played for four bars, C chord twice, returning back to G for two bars, and finishing with one bar on each D, C, and G. Repeat the pattern over and over again until you have finished playing your song. If these lines do not look familiar, you will have to review your beginner notes.

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filler chordYou are probably now wondering about that last bar, called the turnaround. It allows a space for you to insert a filler chord, returning you to the fifth chord in order to repeat the progression.

Play the progression repeatedly, until you have found the right sound for you. In order to create a closing statement, you may end your song on the root chord rather than the fifth chord. Be creative and soon you will discover your natural rhythm.

In order to properly execute a rhythm, you must define a melody. Most melodies derive from the blues scale, allowing the student to explore a personal style. The C blues scale is as follows:

C, Eb, F, F#, G, Bb, C.

Countless arrangements are possible with this scale; therefore, play around with different ideas and styles until you find a satisfying combination. Practice will be a key factor in mastering the 12 bars blues piano rhythm, the more you practice the easier it will become.

In order to comprehend the rhythm, you must practice until it is memorized. Memorization allows the rhythm to flow smoothly and passionately, therefore the more you practice, the better you will become.

If you are experiencing problems, turning to piano guides or online video tutorials may be beneficial. Reading through your old piano notes or searching online for various instructional videos will give you a better understanding of the core basics. Listening and watching others play is always helpful when learning to play the piano.

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