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How to Transcribe Songs on Piano

transcibe songsTranscription is the practice of converting sound into a written form. For most people who like to write songs on piano, this method is very much helpful. However, most pianists prefer not to learn how to transcribe songs on piano because they think of it as a laborious and painstaking process.

For complete beginners, this may often be the case. But once you have gotten along with transcribing, you will have boundless abilities to writing songs perfectly.

The first thing you need to do is to size up the section you want to transcribe. It is easy to transcribe an entire song. However, you might find it difficult to transcribe a portion of a song, such as in the chorus, bridge, or verse.

The next thing you need to do on how to transcribe songs on piano is to get acquainted with the sound. If possible, sing the part of a line and play piano. Familiarize yourself with the rhythm. To make things easier, write out the rhythmic aspect of the song you are transcribing. Mimic the sound of the instrument and try to match it on the recording.

Music is a series of sound waves that our brains detect from highest to lowest frequencies. For the purpose of learning how to transcribe and learn songs on piano, you should work on the sound of the sound starting from lowest to highest note. It is important to start from the lowest note because it is easier to hear. But if you are already used to transcribing, you can already start playing from highest to lowest.

If you have a chord chart for the song, refer to it and see what chord is being played. For conventional music, most chords are played in higher register so the notes of the higher pitches are a bit high. If you have a recording of the song, keep rewinding and refer back to the piano. Keep the notes that you already figured out and continue to build them up.

If you are learning how to transcribe songs on piano for the purpose of performing the piece, then you need to make it accurate. You might find it hard to get it at first but continue to practice on it. If there is something wrong and you can’t figure it out, ask assistance from somebody who can.  However, if you are trying to transcribe a song just for fun, then just make it sound good.

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