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good books on piano lessonsTeaching yourself an instrument isn’t very hard, but it does take some discipline. Why is that? Well, being your own teacher, it becomes a lot easier to slack off and give yourself too much leniency at unnecessary times.

This makes for a hard learning experience, as allowing yourself to become lazy hinder your progress greatly and hurts your ability to focus on the lesson in front of you at the given time. However, having material in front of you which designates lessons to you can help you to better keep your focus on learning and not daydreaming or fooling around with the instrument.

In this article, we are going to go over some great piano lesson books that will help you to learn how to play piano on your own, as well as keep you focused.

Before we begin, you should be aware that these are our personal favorite books. As such, they aren’t necessarily going to be the best books for you, or for your friend, or for your mom and dad; they might be, but then again they might not be. Never buy something simply based on one suggestion.

Be sure to always do your research if you are considering any sort of purchase, piano books included, as no one likes to waste money, and it takes a considerable amount of time and is a considerable inconvenience to return products and go searching for replacements. Avoid it by being a good consumer.

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sequential piano lessonsThe first of our favorite books is Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course. This nice little course is great for those of us who take our learning seriously, and want lessons and concepts outlined in the most straightforward fashion possible.

That being said, this book isn’t going to be a big help to those of you who are more abstract in your thinking, as it is very linear, black and white, and structured. If these are things that appeal to you, this book will help you to get your feet on the ground and discover the basics of a timeless instrument. If not, you’ll only wind up frustrated and bored.

The next lesson on our list is Faber’s Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Lesson Book. Just like Basic Adult Piano Course, Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Lesson Book is an adult’s version of a lesson book, with a very straightforward, no-nonsense approach to teaching the piano. You get some basic lessons that will lead you to solid ground in your piano playing, but you don’t get much else.

However, there isn’t much else to expect; the book delivers what it promises, and what it promises is to teach you how to play the piano. If you like linear lessons, and to have things nicely organized and laid out for you, Faber’s Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Lesson Book is going to be the book for you.

There you have it; some great piano lesson books to help you get started. Now, you may have noticed both books we mentioned are linear. Most lesson books are. If you are a more creative person, or a bit scattered, the best thing you can do is shuffle up the lessons a bit and take your own approach to using the book. Good luck!

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