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How To Instill the Love of Music in Kids

instill love of musicParents are sometimes eager to enroll their children in various musical lessons. Some children are immediately enthralled with the wonder and magic of music while others would rather through a football.

It is important to encourage children to explore different avenues in order to spark their interest. There are many ways to encourage children who love and appreciate all kinds of music.

Music courses can be very helpful in your child’s intellectual and social development, however if they are forced into lessons they will not reap the benefits.

Surrounding your child with music will be the first step in encouraging them to learn a musical instrument. Playing classical music during pregnancy has proven to be a wonderful experience. Fetuses, even at just two months old, are able to hear and respond to music.

Singing to your child is always a great alternative, whether they are still in the womb or crawling around on the floor. While you may not think you can carry a tune, your child will undoubtedly be entranced by the sound of your voice. Dancing with your child will also intrigue them.

Children do not judge you on how well you can dance. Loosen up, put in your favourite CD, and dance around the house with them. By singing and dancing, you are demonstrating the joy and power of music.

ear training for pianists

teach your kids rhythmTeaching your children piano action songs from a very early age will teach them rhythm and timing. Songs like “Ring Around the Rosy” or “Skidamarink” are specifically designed to captivate children’s attention, helping them to develop fine motor skills and uncover importance of rhythm.

Having your child create their own action song is always a great idea. It will allow them use creativity and imagination, which will familiarize them in the process of creating music. Don’t be afraid to introduce them to your favourite songs and albums.

Hearing their parents sing and enjoy music will surely help them to love music. To expose them to different songs will broaden their scope and allow them to appreciate different genres.

These steps are simple and do not require a lot of time and effort on your part. If you wish to do more for your child, there are a few more options readily available. You can rent or buy CD’s that feature popular classical pianist aimed for children. Movies such as “The Sound of Music” will help your child to understand the freedom and wonder involved in musical constructions.

There are many children’s TV shows that are aimed to captivate your kid and introduce them to music. Interactive formats are a perfect way to charm any youngster. You can also find appropriate local concerts for your child. They will be mystified by all the different elements and artists on stage.

Make sure not to sit too close to the speakers as your child’s hearing is very sensitive. If you are looking to take an extra step, some piano classes are available for parents with young children. Classes will ensure that your child is receiving the appropriate information and techniques, benefiting them for future endeavours.

tons of piano chords

tons of piano chords


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