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5 Ways to Introduce Musical Instruments to Young Children

get children interested in pianoMusic is a great thing for children. Not only can it help them to learn, it can teach them the benefits of hard work and dedication. Learning that all good things take time is an invaluable lesson for your child.

In this article, we will discuss five easy ways to introduce musical instruments to your children and get them started on piano lessons for children.

One: Make it a Game

Children love games.

One of the easiest ways to introduce a musical instrument into their world of imagination and wonder is to make the instrument a game. If you want to teach your child an instrument, make it fun. Don’t sit down and whip out the textbook; kids hate that stuff. Make the lessons exciting, make them something that you would have wanted to do when you were a child.

Remember that as we get older, our minds develop in different ways. This means that our thought patterns change and we learn to rationalize. Children don’t. They don’t quite understand that hard work goes hand in hand with fun.

They don’t know that you need to do one to have the other. Music is a way to teach this without making it a crash course in real life lessons. If your lessons are fun, and are more like games than homework, your child will learn –and willingly. 

Two: Never Force

If your child doesn’t show interest, go back to the drawing board.

Don’t take your frustration out on them. It isn’t their fault that a big hung of wood with strings or a big shiny piece of metal isn’t appealing. Never force your child into something they don’t want to do. This is the straight route to failure.

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Three: Play around Them

fun with kidsIf you play your instrument around your child, they are more likely to become interested.

This is due to the fact that, whether you feel like it sometimes or not, you are their idol. Your every move is godlike. Our children cling to our actions and reactions because they want to be just like us. Let them see you play, and allow them to see how much you enjoy it. Never be shy; play for your child. You can even teach yourself piano with good homeschool piano courses.

Four: Make the Offer

You will never know unless you try.

Ask your child if they are interested in the instrument. Offer to teach them. Don’t get mad when they can’t sit around and learn note by note; they are children. Children have the energy we could only dream of. It isn’t our job to rob them of it –it is our job to nurture it and help guide it to good use.

Five: Learn to Take No for an Answer

If your child doesn’t want to learn yet, be an adult about it.

That means let it go!

Forcing only pushes your child further away. You are the one wearing the big boy/girl pants. Act like it. Don’t pout because your child doesn’t hold interest in your hobby. They’ll come around if they want to. No matter what your profession, no matter how high up in rank you are, when your child says no, learn to listen. It’s a sign.

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