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Tips to Get Kids Interested in Piano Playing

inspiring kids to learn pianoMozart composed his first symphony at the age of five, however, you may want to consider starting with on of these tips to get kids interested in piano playing. Every parent hopes their child will break that musical record, however, many parents do not know how to introduce musical instruments to their young children.

Some parents feel that the only true way to introduce music to their child is through a certified instructor. Although this may seem ideal, it is by no means necessary.

- One method if introducing young children to music is simply turning on the radio. Everybody knows at least one song by heart and by playing your favorite song and singing it to your child you are instilling in them a love of music. Get up and clap with your song and dance with your song. This gives a sense of fun and rhythm. Rock and Roll has its advantages.

- Change the radio station often. Children know what sounds they like and which sounds appall them. Some children prefer classical music like Mozart and Chopin. Other children enjoy blues and Jazz like Ray Charles or Billie Holiday.

Give them options and variety and watch them choose what they enjoy. You may also want to try sing-along-tapes. There are great CD’s which feature songs your child may have heard in cartoons or preschool.

- If your child is old enough, take him or her to a music store. Let them see the instruments and experience the sounds of other people playing. They may gravitate toward one particular instrument or they may decide they want to try everything for themselves. Be conscious of your child’s age when taking them into the music store.

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delicate instrumentsMany musical instruments are delicate and can be expensive to repair if accidentally broken. However, this can be a great learning tool for your child to see all of the options available to him or her. For more tips, check out these piano lessons for kids here.

You may want little Suzie to play Moonlight Sonata on the piano, but little Suzie might be more interested in rockin’ it out on the drums like Ringo Starr. Giving them the freedom to choose will give them a sense of confidence and a higher appreciation for music. Thus making them a better student in years to come.

- You may also want to consider purchasing them their own instrument. Beginning with the children’s instruments or popular school age instruments. The recorder is always a favorite choice for learning different notes and getting used to woodwind instruments. If your kid is like little Suzie and begs you for a drum set, offer her a tambourine instead.

The tambourine can be played by hand or with drum sticks to give her the sense of rhythm and percussion she wants to learn. For your piano prodigy a simple keyboard is a great place to begin. He or she can learn chords, scales, and numerous simple songs on a small keyboard and there are a multitude of varieties to choose from.

- If purchasing a new instrument is not an option, consider using everyday items at home. Let your boy or girl make their own instrument. Pots and pans and wooden spoons always make a great drum set.

If they want to shake things up a bit, put some uncooked rice between paper plates and make a set of maracas. This is also great for creative decoration, thereby personalizing your child’s instrument.

Whichever option you choose, the important thing to remember is that music should be loved not forced. Be aware of your child’s preferred musical taste. Allow them to experience the sounds and rhythms in the manner that is best for them.

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