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Proper Postures for Children Pianists

young boy playing pianoKnowing the proper postures for children pianists is important. Playing the piano can be very tiresome, especially on the back since a pianist is sitting on the piano.

If your child doesn’t know the correct postures, it would be just a matter of time before some agonizing pains strike. So as a parent, you have to let your child know the correct postures in playing the piano. If you don’t, your child will suffer from serious pains.

When your child is sitting on the piano, make sure that his back is straight. It should be as if your child is leaning on an invisible wall on his back. If the back is not in proper posture, your child’s hands and fingers won’t be able to function what they are supposed to do while playing the piano. In addition, your child could also have a twisted back if not corrected properly.

The proper postures for children pianists should be taught as early as possible. The reason for this is to eliminate any bad behaviors that your child commits in playing the piano. For example, your child’s hands and fingers should be light while playing piano chords.

Hitting hard on each note will not only produce odd sounds but could also cause your hands to hurt. So teach your child to be gentle while playing the piano so that he won’t experience any pain on his hands. 

Like professional pianists do, proper postures for children pianists are important. Another example to follow is that your child has to sit still while playing the piano. Any unnecessary movements will lead to confusion due to out of focus. Therefore, teach your child to sit properly on the chair so that he’ll be able to play the piano well.

If you don’t know anything about these proper postures for children pianists, it is best to seek assistance from a professional pianist. An instructor can teach your child well about these postures while playing the piano. You can also read some books or find valuable information about proper postures online. You’ll find lots of valuable info so you’ll never find it hard to do a research.

As early as possible, your child has to know these proper postures. Simply sitting on the piano chair is not enough to be able to play the piano well. Your child has to learn these proper postures so that he can be capable of playing the piano effectively.

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