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Piano Computer Games that Help Children Learn

computer games for piano instructionsChildren are often easily distracted, which can sometimes be a problem when it comes to focusing on things like piano lessons. However, children often times are better when it comes to focusing on things that they find fun.

Piano computer games that help children learn to plan can be a helpful way to augment their playing practice. These games do not provide enough instruction to be used on their own.

However, repetition is a major aspect of the learning process, so playing these games can help children to learn some musical concepts more quickly than they learn from their normal practice regime.

Piano Wizard is a computer game that comes with a colored keyboard. The main goal of this game is to teach children how to read musical notation. Initially, the notes are displayed as colors and the child plays them in the shown rhythm.

Over time, the game replaces the colored note display with standard music notation by slowly introducing each element one at a time. The progression into reading notation is slow enough that children are not going to usually think too much about it. In addition, this game does help build some technical skills because it evaluates and scores the child based on how well they play the correct notes with the correct timing.

Synthesia is a computer game that requires a MIDI keyboard to use. However, it can be downloaded for free and the upgraded version is much cheaper than the other games. Synthesia is not as robust in terms of helping children to learn to play piano. However, it is a good practice tool and has a wider range of songs than Piano Wizard.

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rock band 3There are two display options that can be used. In one case, dots move down the screen towards a keyboard at the bottom of the screen. When the dot hits the keys, the child presses the indicated key. In addition, Synthesia can be set to show music notation instead of the moving dot display.

This piano computer game can help children learn to play sheet music because it scores them on how well they play. Unlike just practicing the same song, the child gets accurate, objective and immediate feedback about their playing.

Rock Band 3 provides a less instructional, but more fun option. Unlike Piano Wizard and Synthesia, Rock Band 3 does not provide any substantial instruction. In addition, since it is intended as a game, the note charts for the keyboard are not accurate note charts like Piano Wizard and Synthesia.

However, since Rock Band 3 is intended as a game, it is designed to be much more fun and can keep children playing that might get bored of the other games. In addition, it still helps build up rhythm abilities and roughly familiarizes them with manipulating a keyboard. It is not a great instruction tool, but it does provide a little benefit.

Piano computer games that help children learn piano can be a good way to augment the training of an easily distracted child. These games do not provide anywhere near the same level of instruction as actual lessons or instruction. However, they do keep children practicing on a keyboard or keyboard like instrument.

In addition, the games score the children on how well they maintain their rhythm when playing. As a result, children playing these games tend to develop good rhythm habits since they are usually trying to beat the game and get a high score.

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