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What Type of Keyboard or Piano Should I Get

what type of keyboardWhat type of keyboard piano should a person get is based on numerous factors. Cost and the intended purpose of the instrument play a big role in the decision behind purchasing one of these instruments.

Overall, the exact brand of keyboard or piano does not make a huge difference on a basic level. The basic functionality of almost any piano or keyboard is largely the same.

Some of these instruments have extra features, but these are usually not necessary for most piano players. The people that actually need these features should already know what they are looking for.

From a cost standpoint, a keyboard is usually a better value than a piano. It takes far less effort and materials to make a decent keyboard than a low end piano. As a result, you can get a good quality instrument in a keyboard for less money than you would pay for a piano. However, very low end keyboards should be avoided.

At a minimum, you want a keyboard with velocity sensors and pedals. Without these two features, a keyboard is a very limited instrument that does not allow the same range of technique or expression a piano would have. If you are just looking at cost, the type of keyboard does not matter that much since most of the extra features are not really necessary in most playing.

how to harmonize any chords

convenienceIn addition, from a convenience standpoint, a keyboard is a much better option for a touring musician. Even a small piano is a very heavy, difficult to move instrument. In addition, you are going to need a truck to transport a piano.

However, all the components needed for a keyboard player are light, easily carried and can fit in a normal sized car with plenty of room to spare. In many cases, musicians that play pianos on stage do not actually transport one to each venue.

Instead, the piano is provided by the venue. There are some musicians that actually do transport a piano with them, but the cost and inconvenience of it is not a good idea for a traveling musician deciding what type of keyboard or piano to get.

There are three major types of keyboard out there, so the type a musician buys can vary. A MIDI keyboard is essentially just a keyboard that usually has little else. This type of keyboard is plugged into a synthesizer, which changes the signal from the keyboard into an audible sound.

This type of keyboard is the most convenient option is you already have a synthesizer. An electronic keyboard is essentially an all in one instrument. It has a built in synthesizer and speaker, so you do not need to purchase anything else beyond the keyboard. It is the simplest choice in terms of what you need to purchase.

The other major type of keyboard is a sequencer. It is not quite the same thing as a keyboard, but most of them look and are played like a keyboard. This is a very advanced tool that should be generally avoided by anyone that does not know how to operate it.

While the keyboard over all is cheaper and more convenient, it does not mean the piano is without merit. No matter how well a keyboard is made, it cannot sound exactly like a piano. In addition, pianos work better with the acoustics of venues that were built before electronic amplification. The reason is because the electronic speakers used by keyboard do not take advantage of these venues because they direct the sound toward the audience.

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