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What Benefits Can I Get As a Beginning Adult Student

learning the piano for adultsThe piano community tends to put heavy emphasis on starting to learn piano as young as four years old. However, there are benefits you can get as a beginning adult student that no child is going to get.

In addition, contrary to a lot of conventional thought, the amount of time you spend in lessons does not correlate with ability.

For every world class pianist that started lessons at four years old, there are dozens of other people that started at the same age and never developed even mediocre abilities. An adult student can potentially progress into fairly high level playing in a short amount of time.

The biggest benefit of starting to learn piano as an adult is motivation. An adult student learns to play piano because they want to learn how to play piano. Most children learn to play piano because their parents make them.

Learning to play piano is not some mystical gift you are born with, it requires hard work over a fairly long period of time. A motivated student is going to maintain the practice schedules needed to develop their abilities. That gives most adult students an advantage over younger students.

Adult students almost always have larger, stronger hands than younger students. Piano is not one of the more physically demanding instruments, but it does make a difference. Many of the more complex chord shapes require stretching a hand across a large number of keys and pressing down evenly.

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scheduling classesDeveloping the dexterity and strength to play these piano chords takes far less time and effort as an adult than a student. Adult students can spend less time developing physical skills and more time on the more difficult technical skills.

Another benefit as a beginning adult student is that an adult is more likely to have a consistent schedule. This is not a universal benefit, but most adults have a consistent work schedule and a greater ability to manage any after work obligations. As a result, it is much easier for an adult to maintain a consistent practice schedule.

The more routine your practice schedule is, the less likely you are going to break it. As a result, adult students are more likely to stick to their practice schedule. Children on the other hand usually have to contend with homework, studying and other after school activities, which they have very little control over scheduling.

Just because you did not start learning to play piano in elementary school does not mean there is a limit to how your abilities develop. A motivated adult student can develop all the technical abilities they ever need on the piano in a few years. An unmotivated child student can spend years in training and still never develop beyond beginner levels.

Ultimately, the best benefit as a beginning adult student is the fact you want to learn piano and are going to put the effort into doing so, which makes more of a difference than time. Eventually, an adult student is going to reach similar levels of ability as most people that started playing during childhood.

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