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Kid’s Piano Lessons on the Computer

kids piano instructions on pcThe selection of kid’s piano lessons on the computer is usually a little different from the selection an adult would use. Kids usually lack the attention span or interest to learn about advanced music theory or other more complex concepts through lessons.

Ideally, you want lessons for a kid to use to be enjoyable while teaching something in the process or at least motivating the kid to practice.

The best kid’s piano lessons of the computer are the lessons that contain songs. Songs reinforce the topic they are trying to teach while creating a tangible piece of music in the process. Adults working on computer lessons can fill accomplished by learning to play drills or exercises correctly.

This method of learning is less effective on most kids. Even if the song is not the most efficient way to teach some concepts, it can keep the kid practicing for much longer than a technical exercise that does not sound like anything but noise when played.

You should let the kid progress through piano lessons at a pace they find comfortable. Learning piano techniques requires a great deal of fine motor control and muscle memory. Kids do not always develop these forms of muscle control at the same rate as an adult does. It is very easy to frustrate a kid trying to work on a lesson by pressing them too hard to succeed at it.

It is more important that the kid learns to play the lesson correctly than to learn the lesson quickly. You should try to guide the child through the lesson, but avoid setting concrete time goals. You should focus more on keeping the kid from getting too distracted from the lesson than any other considerations.

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fun piano lessonsOne consideration for kid’s piano lessons on the computer is hand size. Some of the stretches made by a pianist can be difficult for many adults. A kid with a much smaller hand size is not going to be able to make those stretches without significant amounts of practice. The hand size issue mostly comes up with four note chords and chords that contain black keys.

Four note chords often require stretching one hand over a whole octave of notes. Chords containing black keys often require substantially more stretching to hit the correct keys. While these topics are important, they are not required to playing piano at a decent level of ability and can be skipped until the kid is better able to make those stretches.

When trying to teach a kid piano lessons through the computer, you should try to make sure they have fun. Sometimes it is better to occasionally let a kid to goof off while working on piano lessons than to try to push them through those lessons as quickly as possible.

A large part of learning to play the piano is practice. As long as they are using good technique, just about anything they do on the piano provide some benefit to their overall ability. If you try to force a kid through lessons quickly, they might get frustrated and try to avoid working on lessons as much as possible. Ultimately this leads to a very slow rate of progress or even completely stops ability development.

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