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7 Common Mistakes in Learning Piano

mistakes madeMost beginners make a number of mistakes. But don’t worry since mistakes are inevitable in learning how to play the piano. The most important part is to correct whatever mistakes you commit and do the right thing.

7 common mistakes in learning piano

One of the common mistakes that most beginner pianists think is that keys are similar to notes. But actually, keys create pitches that match up to notes.

For example, the F sharp and the G sharp are played in the same key on the piano but the difference is that they are played on the same note. Although they are played on the same key, they sound different.

One of the 7 most common mistakes in learning piano is that most students think that clefs are played by using the right hand only.

Well, the truth is, both hands can be used to play treble clef. Just place your hands on the piano and play treble clef on whatever is comfortable with you. Of course, bass clef can also be played by both right and left hand. 

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Sharps and flats not just played on black keys. A sharp means that you should play a key on a higher note while the flat means to lower a key. Although most sharps and flats are played in black keys, you can find white keys that are used for these keys. For example, the E-sharp and C flat are played in white keys.

Another 7 most common mistakes in learning piano is the way most beginner students sit in front of the piano. Many people just sit in front of the piano and get tired after some time. The reason for this is that they do not know the right way to sit in front of the piano.

To do this properly, just keep your back straight, and your hands relaxed. Moreover, your fingers should be in a round position when playing the piano.

Do not be scared of playing the piano scales. Most people think that scaling is a difficult technique to learn. But if you practice a lot, you are sure to be able to play scaling on the piano effortlessly.

Practice is important in learning to play the piano. If you are wondering why you haven’t been able to make big progress, maybe you are not practicing enough.

When learning to play the piano, having the right tempo is important. At first, you might find it hard to figure out the tempo of a song, but as you practice, you will surely be able to hit the right tempo.

These are the 7 most common mistakes in learning piano. Be sure to correct all these mistakes as early as possible so that you can learn the right way.

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