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Piano Care And Maintenance

maintaining the keyboardIf you own a piano, it is important to know about piano care and maintenance. This will not only help prolong the life of your piano but will also keep your piano in good condition when you learn to play piano.

Tips on how to take care of a piano

Make sure to position your piano in a balanced humidity and temperature. A piano is mostly made out of wood. So when the temperature changes, your piano might get out of tune easily.

In addition, humidity fluctuations might crack the wood of your piano, causing several damages to the finish. For these reasons, always position your piano in a place where there is evenness of humidity and temperature, such as in front of a picture window, or near the door.

Do not put your piano near the heating ducts or radiators. In addition, protect your piano from direct sunlight, as it might affect the finish.

If you live in a place where there is always a change in temperature, then you might consider installing a climate control to the piano. This is an excellent way for piano care and maintenance since it takes care of climate related problems.

It is best to check if your piano is in the right tune regularly. For domestic pianos, tuning should be done once every six months, depending on the piano’s condition. For concert hall pianos, tonight should be done before the play. Always remember that if a piano stays out of tune for so long, the harder it would be for technicians to deal with tuning.

Polishing plays a vital role in piano tips on care and maintenance. Always polish your piano so that you can avoid fluids from affecting the finish. When your piano is full of dust, you should use a feather duster instead of using a cloth. Once in a while, clean your piano with a sponge, damped in water with mild soap.

The inside of a piano is very sensitive. One single mistake to the inside of a piano might result to severe technical problems. So make sure to put your entire focus to piano care and maintenance. If you cannot clean the inside of your piano, then hire an expert technician. This way, you will never have to bear the pressure of cleaning your piano from the inside.

Follow these tips when you clean your piano. They are very much important and useful, especially for those who do not have a clue about caring for their piano.

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